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Dieser Bereich ist in Englischer Sprache gehalten, da wir auch internationale Profile rekrutieren.

About Engenius

Engenius is a small, sustainably growing and dynamic IT consulting company based in Switzerland. 

We implement software solutions for a wide range of B2B customers, currently focused on (but not restricted to) the financial and public sectors, where we design and implement business processes and case management solutions in the larger context of the digital transformation. We have a reputation for reliably delivering solutions even for complex problems in challenging environments, when time-to-market is critical, and without sacrificing quality. 


Consulting and Development is people business: Customers like to work with us, and we like to work with each other. Each of us has his own, strong personality and set of unique skills. We embrace this diversity, and strive to learn from and support each other, so the company and everyone in the team can excel and evolve.

Open Positions


We know that people are our main asset, not a liability. We live leadership by example, not by hierarchy. We care more for respect than for political correctness. We focus on quality delivery that brings value for our customers, rather than managing ourselves. We take our customers and their needs very seriously, but we don’t always take ourselves too seriously (“I’m looking at you, IBM &co.”)!

What we offer

  • You work in a young but well-established, Swiss based consulting and engineering company without the constraints of rigid hierarchies
  • You can make use of your own intellect and do not have to follow anyone blindly, not even the most admired experts
  • You can work with (and learn) a vast a variety of technologies (depending on the projects), not just “bleeding-edge”, but also mature and widely used ones
  • You will work with senior peer colleagues from diverse international and academical backgrounds that love to teach and learn
  • You’ll get to work with the best and greatest tools & hardware: bring your own device :-) (“a mason needs its own trowel, a writer its own pen and a developer its own computer!”)
  • You’ll get responsibility, not just tasks (in buzz-word-talk: we dynamically delegate responsibility according to fitness for purpose :-))
  • Obviously, you’ll get some money, too. Both, in line with the market, and the motivation and skills you demonstrate! We make sure, the proceeds of success are shared with those who contributed to it.
Apply now and re-boot your career!

Don’t apply if ...

  • You are only interested in technology and not so much into the business for which we elaborate and deliver solutions
  • You know already everything there is to know, and do not need to learn new things anymore
  • You expect to be micro-managed
  • You want someone else to set-up and manage your work environment
  • You expect only fully specified requirements to be implemented
  • You like to work “by-the-book” all the time
  • You expect sanity, serious colleagues/customers and politically correct communication around you all the time